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Preschool Program

Reilly Pre-KReilly’s four preschool classrooms earned the Gold Circle of Quality through ExceleRate Illinois, meeting standards for learning environment and teaching quality; administrative standards and training and education. 

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Our philosophy is children thrive in a nurturing environment that promotes a positive attitude towards self and learning.  We believe children are most successful when experiencing authentic learning opportunities. 

Our classrooms provide a safe and loving environment allowing children to develop curiosity and take initiative as learners.  Reilly’s Pre-K programs emphasize the importance of respecting everyone as individuals while focusing on teaching empathy and tolerance. Social Emotional Learning is embedded in our curriculum and we practice Calm Classroom throughout the school. We encourage and support the role families play as the child’s first teacher.

Reilly Pre-K

The Reilly Pre-K program utilizes Creative Curriculum which includes high-interest themes for children including clothing, trees, buildings and music. Students are assessed using authentic observations through Teaching Strategies GOLD

Our full-day programs are from 7:45am-2:45pm. Students are served breakfast, lunch and a snack in the classroom. Meal time conversations center around food and nutrition. Additionally students have 60 minutes of gross motor activity every day. 

We currently offer four full-day programs at Reilly including bilingual, ESL and inclusive blended. The inclusive blended program provides services for preschool students requiring special education support by an early childhood teacher in the general education classroom, with children with and without disabilities.

An inclusive blended preschool offers benefits for both typically developing students and students with different abilities: 

  • Improved academic performance for all students.
  • Students establish friendships and learn how to play and interact with one another.
  • Increased social interactions, diverse relationships and family networks.
  • Students are encouraged to be resourceful, creative, and cooperative.
  • Positive attitudes grow that impact future relationships.
Apply for Reilly’s Preschool Programs at Chicago Early Learning.
If you have questions about preschool at Reilly please reach out to our preschool team.