Ms. Katie Carrizales » Welcome to 5th grade Science!

Welcome to 5th grade Science!

Hello, I'm Mrs. Carrizales! I teach 5th grade Science to all of the 5th graders at Reilly Elementary school in room 103 in the main building. Here's some information about me: 
  • I've been teaching for about 4 years. This is my 2nd year at Reilly School. 
  • I have a BS in Elementary Education from Olivet Nazarene University.  
  • I have a Masters in Teaching English as a Second or Other Language from Northeastern Illinois University.
  • I have an endorsement in Middle School Language Arts and an endorsement in English as a Second Language.
  • I am currently learning Spanish, I hope to get a bilingual endorsement one day. 
Here's what you need for 5th grade Science.
  • Yellow folder (homework folder, please label it Science)
  • 3 composition notebooks with your name and room number on it (We use one for each unit. Don't worry, I'll store them for you so you don't have to carry them around.)
  • A pencil pouch - with #2 pencils; Blue, Black, and red pens; colored pencils; small box of crayons; tape; and scissors. 
  •  I'd really appreciate it if you brought me paper towels and Clorox wipes! 
Class expectations
  • We follow the PBIS matrix. Students need to be Respectful, Responsible, and Safe!
  • Students need to take care of any books that they check out from my classroom library. Lost or damaged books cost $10.
  • All homework assignments must be turned in on time. Homework will be posted on Google classroom, a link to Google classroom can be found on this website. 
  • We must stay safe and act responsibly during science labs! - Students must sign a lab safety agreement. They must read and sign the contract that states that they understand the lab safety rules in order to participate in the science lab. If any lab materials are broken, the student will replace them. 
  • We must take care of our classroom computers! - Students must sign a computer care agreement form. We will be using Chromebooks in our classroom. Any Chromebook that is broken by a student MUST be replaced. 
  • Please try your best to be at school everyday. Many of our science experiments can only be done IN CLASS so if you are absent you may miss something really important. It is not possible to make up missed experiments or science labs if you are absent.  
Contact information
  • Email:
  • Follow me on Twitter: @Carrizales103
  • Find homework on Google Classroom!

Recent Posts

Starved Rock State Park
Our field trip to starved rock is coming up soon. The price is $40.
Please turn in the Money and permission slips as soon as possible!
Remember: students who have not had consistent good behavior WILL NOT attend the field trip! You need to have been following our PBIS matrix!

I wasn't here that day!!

Were you absent from school? 
You are still responsible for all the notes and homework that we do in class even when you are not here. 
If you miss notes
  • Tell the teacher you were absent
  • ask someone if you can borrow their notebook
  • copy down the notes you missed 
If you miss homework
  • Go to Google classroom to print out the homework
  • no printer? copy the homework on a separate sheet of paper
  • no computer? you can use a phone or tablet
  • no internet? Go to the public library nearest you or a relative/friends house.
Please bring a note to school with a parent signature explaining why you were absent. Please attach doctors notes if available. 

HELP! Do we have homework??

Did you forget to write down the homework? Did you lose your homework sheet? Where you absent from school? Did your dog eat your homework? 
Never Fear! Google Classroom is here!
Log onto your Google Classroom and search for homework in the topics. I will always try to post homework on Google Classroom. You can click on the attachment and print it out at home, or copy it on a separate sheet of paper! 
¿Olvidaste a escribir la tarea en tu agenda? ¿Perdiste tu tarea? ¿Te ausentas de la escuela? ¿Tu perro se comió tu tarea? 
¡No temas! ¡Google Classroom está aquí! 
Iniciar sesión en Google Classroom y buscar para tarea "homework" en las temas. Siempre  voy a intentar publicar la tarea en Google Classroom. Haz clic en el archivo adjunto y imprimirlo en su casa or copiarlo en una hoja de papel separada. 

Student fee

The Reilly School student fee is $25. This fee pays for lanyards, agendas, computer software, Student ID cards, and MORE! 
If my whole class gets EVERY student to turn in their student fee by September 29th they will earn a free recess time in the morning during Science! 
La cuota de estudiante de la Escuela Reilly es $25. Esta cuoata de estudiante paga por las cuerdas, las agendas, el software de la computadora, las tarjetas de identificación del estudiante, y más! 

Si toda mi clase, CADA cada estudiante, traer a sus cuota de estudiante para el 29 de septiembre que se ganará un tiempo libre de recreo en la mañana durante la ciencia!