Fine Arts at Reilly

Dear Community,

As the new school year unfolds, we wanted to take the opportunity to welcome everyone to a very exciting year. We are so pleased and proud to to inform you that our school is offering our students all four forms of art: Music, Dance, Theatre, and Visual Art at this time. Thanks to the support and effort of our administrators, staff and community members, Reilly, for the first time ever, has been able to create a professional dance studio-- in addition to the equipment and supplies provided to Visual Arts and Music classes.

We are are currently ranked Creative School Certification Level 1. In other to achieve this highest rating, our team: Ms. Zelle, Ms. Emily and Mr. Pineda have been working really hard to create opportunities in and after school for our students. Consequently, we are able to offer our regular programs after school: Modern Band, Mural Club, Reilly Players/Act out, Classical Ballet, Flash Mob. We are also creating opportunities for our students to showcase their talents in numerous assemblies, showcases, performances, art show, and the Walgreens store, where there is a small gallery with our students’ pieces on it.

Reilly's Fine Arts Department has been also able to establish collaborative partnerships with the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Chicago Sinfonietta. We have also started to pilot an Electives schedule for 7th and 8th grade students, so they can choose the art form of their preference. By doing this, our students will be able to take the same class twice a week, so that they can deepen their artistic practice and creative expression.

As you can see, there are many reasons to look forward to this school year and we hope to see you in any or all of our events. At Reilly, we do art that is meaningful and shares a message of togetherness, hope, and peace, looking always toward the upbringing of our beloved community; thus, we invite you to please come and support the amazing talents of the most creative, talented and thoughtful students in the entire world!

In peace and solidarity,

Reilly's Arts Department

Fine Arts Department Vision
The Fine Arts Department at Reilly brings the opportunity for students to learn artistic skills and expand their creativity through the broader lenses of social awareness, historical and cultural contexts. Students learn about themselves through artistic mediums and gain skills to analyze and expand their ideas into their communities in a positive way. An appreciation for each individual’s identity is instilled while creating art that is contemporary and relevant to his/her current life. Students will grow together as a group through the exchange of ideas and insights as well as shared goals. Learners of the arts at Reilly can expect to be taught in a professional setting, using 21st century skills (critical thinking, creative thinking, collaborating, communicating) that will prepare them to succeed in higher learning environments, whether artistic, academic or professional.