The Local School Council charge from the state legislature. “… Achieving Goals. To
achieve these priority goals, the general assembly intends to make the individual local
school the essential unit for educational governance and improvement and to
establish a process for placing the primary responsibility for school governance and
improvement in furtherance of such goals in the hands of parents, community
residents, teachers and the school principal at the school level.”
105 ILCS 5/34-1.01.B.

LSC Meeting Dates

The Local School Council Meeting Dates for the 2019-2020 school year

have been approved and adopted by the LSC at the Organizational Meeting on July 8, 2019. 


All meetings start at 5:15 pm and will be held in the Learning Lab.


LSC Meeting Dates are as follows: 


September 19

October 17

November 21

December 19

January 16

February 20

March 19

April 16

May 21

June 18

The Local School Council invites you to voice any suggestions, concerns, comments, or ask questions to:

Local School Council

Members: 2018-2020

Parent Representatives:

Adalinda Fernandez

Rosa Roman

Claudia Santiago

Diane Lopez

Candida Morales

Community Representatives:

Ruth Stine

Rizwaan Akhtar 

Teacher Representatives:

Marzanna Postolowicz

Raquel Hallm-Watanabe

Educational Support Personnel:

Jessica Hurtado